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    Leaf Sofa Mat Furniture Anti-scratch & Skid Protection Couch Cover

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    • This is the cover towel directly laid on the sofa, which needs to measure the position of the sofa to be laid.

    • The size of our link is width * length. Covers for the cushion, backrest and armrest  should be ordered separately.

    • Warm tips:the width can be increased by+20cm or so, and it feels droopy. The longer ones can be stuffed into the gap of the sofa to play a fixed role. It is suggested that you can choose 70*90cm or 90*90cm for backrest, and choose 70*70cm for the armrest. 

    Guide to choose the right size

    Please measure the size of any sofa according to the following picture. The size of sofa covers you choose should be 20~30cm longer than the actual size of the sofa. The residual part can be hung down to protect the side of the sofa or tucked under the sofa to prevent slipping.

    1.Armrest: Please choose armrest towel according to the dimension GxH.

    2.Seat Cover: E*(F+10~30cm) 1pcs ; B*(A+10~30cm) 1pcs ; C*(D+10~30cm) 1pcs.


    If P<60cm, it is recommended to choose 70x70cm

    If 60cm<P<75cm, it is recommended to choose 90x90cm

    If P>75cm, it is recommended to choose 110x110cm